Ted Cruz hilariously trolls Alyssa Milano for her ‘group hug’ therapy; let’s just say, she’s not laughing

After Karen Handel’s decisive victory over Democratic pajamaboy Jon Ossoff on Tuesday, actress and leftist activist Alyssa Milano treated her angst with a massive Twitter “group hug.”

All seemed to be going well with the liberal hug-a-thon, at least until Texas Senator (and Twitter provocateur) Ted Cruz decided to join the party, albeit two days later.

A little late, Ted! But something tells us the good senator wouldn’t have been welcome anyway. And yeah, we were right. Check out Milano’s response:

Debate rages when motorcyclist ‘plows’ through ‘terrified’ lib healthcare protesters blocking street

Ouch! Sounds kinda discriminatory… but Alyssa’s a lib so it’s totally OK.

Here’s a sampling of the reactions:

‘Angry black woman’ flips out when she spots ‘General Lee’ car at festival, event officials instantly cave

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Scott Morefield


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