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Robber earns world’s ‘Dumbest Criminal Award’ for struggling to break into WIDE OPEN garage

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Doncha’ just love stupid criminal stories?

A hapless burglar was caught on closed circuit TV struggling to pry open a window of a building when a well-directed rock could have done the job lickety split.

But that’s not what made him a stupid criminal. The building he was breaking into was not only empty — it had no doors.

Yet he insisted on gaining entry through that uncooperative window.

Screenshot of burglar struggling with window to doorless garage
Now he’s really putting his weight into the effort
Success! He got the window open and he’s crawling through
Failure! He’s seen walking out the way he should have walked in

Couldn’t he have just looked into the window to discover nothing — including a door — was there?

My favorite dumb criminal story has always been the bank robber who wrote his demand note on the back of a deposit slip to his personal checking account.

But this will probably be a close second.

The video was posted by the Daily Mail, with no indication as to where it took place.

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