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MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweets false claim about Georgia election that even liberal PolitiFact can’t ignore

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The Democratic Party and their media allies worked hard to paint Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district as a referendum on President Donald Trump.

…up until the moment Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The “referendum” narrative died a quick death following Ossoff’s defeat, with the left opting to make excuses and downplay the outcome, facts be damned.

Just ask MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the liberal host of “AM Joy,” who tried to dismiss Ossoff’s loss by 3.8 points by falsely tweeting that Trump won the district by 20 points.

Some of the best reactions from libs over special election results

The problem is, Trump only won Georgia’s sixth district by one point.

Another inconvenient truth is that if the special election were a referendum on the president, then he is actually doing better, considering the GOP carried the district Tuesday by a greater percentage point!

Reid did follow this up with a correction — the NEXT day:

Even the liberal fact checkers at PolitiFact gave Reid a “false” rating, although they generously opted to characterize her misinformation as a “mistake.”  The fact is, Twitter useres were quick to point out the “mistake” Reid seemed in no rush to correct.

The following social media user, responding to the PolitiFact tweet, won the internet for the day with this zinger:

Black Caucus members to decline invite to meet with the president because they didn’t like how it was signed

H/T Daily Caller

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