Susan Rice’s unmasking records can’t be accessed for 5 years because of sly move to Obama library

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wondered if it never occurred to anyone in the White House to ask before sending Susan Rice‘s “unmasking” material to be archived.

The watchdog group announced Tuesday that its Freedom of Information Act request for materials related to the former Obama National Security Advisor’s surveillance requests could not be fulfilled because the records were moved to the Obama Presidential Library.

This means, Fitton told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy, that the materials can’t even be requested under the FOIA until Obama has been out of office for five years.

Judicial Watch was specifically looking for materials on Rice’s unmasking of names associated with the Trump presidential campaign during intelligence gathering, as well as information about the alleged collusion of the Trump team with Russia.

Fitton noted that President Trump is allowed to request the documents to conduct his own executive business and congressional subpoenas can also be issued to retrieve the records.

“You have to wonder,” Fitton said, “when it happened. Did it happen during the Trump administration, were they told about it? Was this some bureaucratic shell game?”

He admitted that White House records being archived is not unusual but expected government staff to at least raise a flag when the records could be involved in an ongoing controversy.

“Presumably folks are aware of what’s happening and someone should have been alerted,” Fitton said, adding that someone should have asked,  “Look, these key documents that everyone’s concerned about to go over to the archives. Do you want to take a look at them? Do we keep copies of them here so that we have them?”

The move has not only frustrated Fitton and his organization but outraged many who denounced the questionable decision on social media.

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Frieda Powers


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