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Some of the best reactions from libs over special election results

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It was supposed to be a sure thing.

Liberals spent oodles of millions to support a young, urbane candidate who ran against a frumpy-looking middle-aged Republican in a Congressional district President Trump barely carried in November.

It was gonna be a big night, and Democrats were getting ready to pop champagne corks in celebration. But something happened on the way to the victory speech.

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost — and lost big — six percentage points big to Republican candidate Karen Handel.

But you didn’t have to look at the results to get the picture — it was written all over the faces of liberal media hosts and guests. Here’s MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Here’s CNN’s Dana Bash along with her election night panel. It looks as though they’re on their way to a funeral.

‘She persisted’: Mockery runs wild after Ossoff defeat

Dana Bash CNN panel: Screenshot via Truthfeed

Reaction among liberals on social media was much the same — somber and devastated, beginning with loony actor George Takei, who put up a brave face.

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Group hug anyone?

You might call this shot, “CNN Portrait in Blue.”

As for Ossoff himself, he said that if he won he wouldn’t have expected a congratulatory tweet from the president. He didn’t have to worry about that one.

And the excuses started coming in. Russian election tampering? Why not?

Communists? I thought communism was a liberal thing.

Rachel Maddow blamed the results on rain, as if it only rains on Democrats and not Republicans.

Feminist writer and lawyer Jill Filipovic went completely off the rails and blamed not the Democratic party — but racist voters.

So it’s all because voters are bigoted? As a a feminist, one would think she’d applaud the election of a woman to high office over another white dude. Apparently not.

Conservatives thought the whole thing hilarious — this is one of the best reactions.

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