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Steve Bannon’s politically incorrect comment on Sean Spicer’s promotion has the left in absolute turmoil

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When it comes to the Trump administration, liberals have no sense of humor, unless they are the ones doing the skewering.

Case in point, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s reaction when asked why White House press briefings are sometimes held off-camera — in reporting that press briefings are “now shorter, less frequent, and routinely held off-camera,” The Atlantic asked Bannon to comment.

Opting to have a little fun, he joked in a text message: “Sean got fatter.”

The jest was directed at White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who is reportedly being promoted to a position that oversees the entire White House communications operation.

Nonetheless, Bannon’s reply sent the left into a tizzy.

Even Chelsea Clinton got in on the act, accusing the president’s aide of “fat shaming.”

It’s bad enough that CNN’s Jim Acosta had a conniption over the briefings not being televised — Spicer has been favoring off-camera press gaggles, with Acosta calling him “kind of useless” — but Bannon’s politically incorrect reply really upset the left.

And from MSNBC tool Kyle Griffin:

The best response to poor Griffin’s indignation may be this reply, which proves that some have retained their funny bones:

The hatred of Bannon is so strong, some even took to sticking up for Spicer, believe it or not… while fat shaming Bannon!


Despite all the hand-wringing from social justice liberals out to save the world from itself, the kerfuffle may be best summed up in the tweet below — only 7 1/2 years to go!

Tom Tillison


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