Rep Steve Scalise’s Father’s Day tweet & pictures are a poignant reminder to dads everywhere

Via his Twitter account, Louisiana Rep Steve Scalise poignantly reminded all of us Dads just how much we have to be thankful for this Father’s Day.

So yeah, after all that’s happened to the messenger of this particular post, it’s hard not to get a little verklempt…

Fresh out of safe-space, ‘Harvard lib’ gets first job, until ‘white male’ boss dares to ask why she’s 2 hrs late

Most of Scalise’s responses were well wishers:

Thankfully, most of the responses were of this nature, but given the sad state of affairs in American politics (and decency), there were bound to be a few from the liberal peanut gallery.

To which this guy had the perfect response:

Trump’s attorney takes on confused Todd and hostile Wallace: ‘President IS NOT under investigation!’

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Scott Morefield


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