Stunned bystanders take video as jilted lover sets fatal fire to house: ‘One of y’all got a lighter?’

A Milwaukee woman is being sought by police after a shocking video caught her setting a fatal fire to a rooming house.

According to, the woman was a jilted lover who was cheated on by someone living in the home.

A group of bystanders watched as the woman smashed windows and grew angrier and more destructive.

Image: Screenshot

“We see a lady and she started busting out all the windows on the house,” witness Jessie Hinds told Fox 6.

The bystanders laughed as she destroyed property, but their laughter quickly became fear and disbelief as they watched her go into a nearby garage and emerge with a gas can.

The video shows the woman put the gas can in the broken window and then set fire to the home.

Image: Screenshot

“She went inside the garage and grabbed a gas can,” Hinds said.

“She asks us ‘one of y’all got a lighter?’ And were like, ‘no, we can’t help you with a lighter,'” another witness, Travonta Richmond, told Fox 6.

“Then she takes the chair, throws the gas can in there and sets the house on fire,” bystander Jestopher Hinds added.

The fire quickly raged out of control as one resident leaped from a window to safety.

Image: Screenshot

The group of young people who were initially watching the rampage rushed over to the door and kicked it in, in an attempt to rescue residents.

But they were quickly pushed back by a torrent of smoke.

“We all ran over there and tried to kick down the door, but all the smoke — nothing we could really do at that moment,” Jestopher Hinds told Fox 6.

Willie Greer. Image: Screenshot

“I’m just sorry for the loss the people that did lose a family member,” he added. “I’m going to be praying for their families and just sorry we couldn’t get them out of there at that time.”

The fire claimed the life of 72-year-old Willie O. Greer.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

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Carmine Sabia

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