Stunned homeowner beats back armed robber and 4 thugs with a chair, a board and a machete

A wild video captured an outmatched Sarasota, Florida, homeowner confronting five burglars and coming out of the ordeal no worse for the wear.

While the odds were not in his favor and his actions not advisable, given that fact, the so-called “victim” fought with the men after they scaled a wall on his property. Upon realizing one of the crooks was armed with a shotgun, the homeowner armed himself with a machete and charged back into the fray.

And the five men proved to be no match for him, as he not only took the shotgun away from one of the crooks, but held the man until police arrived, according to WFLA.

The man with the firearm was identified as Beltran Vasquez, a convicted felon, WFLA reported. Fortunately, his four accomplices were soon apprehended. The others were identified as Roberto Salcedo-Balanza, Angel Cabrera-Basulto, Ronier Jauregui-Lorente and Jorge Leyva.

Watch the dramatic encounter unfold in the video below:

Tom Tillison


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