Twitter ghost from campaign past rears its ugly head when Trump takes on ‘Crooked H’

Did anyone think President Trump was about to take these new Robert Mueller revelations lying down?

Granted, what Hillary Clinton did isn’t going to legally help or hurt Trump, but in a perfect, non-political world does any sane person truly think bleached emails, hammer destroyed phones, and a ‘chance’ meeting between the investigation target’s former-president husband and the current attorney general on an airport tarmac even comes close to anything that has remotely passed for ‘evidence’ so far in this entire Russkie farce?

Yeah, Donald J. Trump doesn’t think so either, and had a few words via Twitter for “Crooked H.”

So, the president’s tweets got coverage all over the Thursday evening news shows, but also seemed to have the desired intent… if the desired intent is totally TROLLING Hillary Clinton!

(Or at least someone on her staff…)

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Which prompted plenty of interesting reactions from wishful libs:

Enough from the peanut gallery! We’ll give the last word from a Trump-hating lefty with at least a bit of common sense.

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