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Showoff zookeeper proves exactly why you don’t stick your head in a crocodile’s mouth

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Shocking video surfaced showing a zookeeper in Thailand nearly lose his head while performing a trick with a crocodile.

The video was apparently taken on the tourist island of Ko Samui on June 11 as the man performed a free crocodile show for a handful of spectators.

Images: screengrab from YouTube/ViralHog

Kneeling before the large reptile, the man waved two sticks around in front of its mouth as the crocodile remained perfectly still. After waving a stick directly between the animal’s menacing teeth, the daredevil decided to take things to another level.

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Putting the sticks aside, he then places his entire head into the crocodile’s open mouth.

The result was predictable but horrific to watch.

After a few seconds, the crocodile clamped its mouth over the man’s head and violently thrashed him from side to side. Onlookers were shocked as the man was heard screaming in pain.

The crocodile thankfully released the injured showman before sliding back into the water, leaving him alive but reeling from his injuries.

It did not appear that anyone immediately came to help the hurt man before the video ended. According to the video caption, he had been “showing off previous wounds from Bangkok including a missing finger from his last trick.”

Wonder if he learned a lesson this time.

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** WARNING: Graphic content **

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