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Photoshop gone wrong? Kim Kardashian takes a Twitter beating when fans accuse her of ‘blackface’

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Now appearing too tan will get you in trouble with the politically correct left. She’s one of them – she should’ve known!

Kim Kardashian has drawn the ire of #BlackTwitter with her promotion for her forthcoming line of makeup products.

She shared a photo on Wednesday promoting the fact that she is going to be releasing a line of cosmetics.

Image: Instagram

But her darker skin tone in the picture sent some fans into a rage, accusing Kardashian, who has a black husband and black children, of using “blackface.”

Kim Kardashian has been getting a political beat down from both sides of the aisle. Earlier in June, the reality star came under fire when she called for stricter gun control while touting her armed security.

This time the anger came mostly from the left for the politically incorrect photo:

Others defended the reality queen.

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Image: Instagram

This is the second time in two weeks that Kardashian was torched on social media.

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Last week the reality television star was hammered by conservatives after she wrote a letter pushing for tougher restrictions on gun ownership.

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