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Father of Otto Warmbier slams ‘rogue pariah regime’ of N. Korea, but thankful Trump got his son home

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Nick Givas, DCNF

Fred Warmbier, father of recently released North Korean hostage Otto Warmbier called the hermit kingdom a “rogue pariah regime” in an exclusive interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday.

Warmbier said “it was fantastic” to see his son for the first time in 18 months and that he was very “proud of him.”

As Warmbier described the series of events that led to his son being imprisoned and falling into a coma, he admitted the ordeal had taken its toll.

“Apparently the day after he was sentenced he went into a coma, for some reason. I don’t have any particulars,” said Warmbier. “Otto was terrorized and brutalized for 18 months by a pariah regime in North Korea. We are thrilled to have him home. He’s with his family. His mom is with him right now, and I’ll be with him later today.”

Tucker asked if the government was any help to Otto and Warmbier gave credit to the Trump administration for bringing his son home. He also thanked ambassador Joe Yun.

“His [Yun’s] mission was to bring Otto home,” said Wambier. “He was very helpful to Cindy and I, and we are really thankful for him. We’re also thankful to [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson and President Trump. They wanted Otto home, and Cindy and I believe they made this happen, so we’re thankful for that.”

Warmbier repeated his characterization of North Korea again calling it a pariah regime and saying there was little meaning to be found in their actions.

“There is no sense to anything here,” Warmbier said. “They’ve crossed a line with my son Otto.”

Tucker asked if Warmbier had advice for the families of the other three Americans being held in North Korea.

“No, No I would not,” he replied. “I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t know what to say to them. … We tried to do the right thing and here we are here today, so I don’t know what the answers are.”

The interview concluded in Otto’s bedroom where his personal effects including clothes, his wallet, a passport, and his UVA notebook were laid out on the bed. Warmbier said he was leaving to see his son after the interview, and he thanked Tucker for being one of the family’s biggest supporters.

“We can’t thank you enough,” he said.

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