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San Fran man shows up to Spanish church service wearing fake ICE jacket — it didn’t go over too well

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A man wearing a fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement jacket in the vicinity of a Northern California church during religious services created a bit of a panic among the parishioners — it was a Spanish-speaking service.

Police learned from ICE and the FBI that the man wasn’t attached to either law enforcement agency, but nonetheless the incident caught the attention of the Canal Community Alliance and U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman’s office, according to CBS News San Francisco affiliate KPIX Channel 5 News.

The June 4 incident took place during the Spanish-language service at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, and the imposter ICE agent was later identified as a San Francisco city employee.

The man was subsequently placed on leave.

He appeared at the church driving a vehicle registered to the city of San Francisco and allegedly too cellphone photos in the church parking lot and videotaped the people inside of the church, according to police Lt. Raffaello Pata said.

His jacket had ‘ICE’ written on it with an official looking emblem or seal on the back, Pata said.

While the man was not an ICE agent, he looked enough like one that he scared the congregation at their Sunday evening service and the incident sparked a police investigation.


“This person — out of I don’t what kind of motivations — decided to scare them and make them feel uncomfortable knowing this is something very sensitive for the Latino and Hispanic community right now,” Lucia Martel-Dow with the Canal Community Alliance said.

Although he couldn’t explain why he wore the jacket, the man, who lives near the church, told officers he went to the church to document the excessive amplified noise levels coming from the services held there.

Detectives learned the jacket is a novelty item that does not closely resemble the actual ICE jackets, Pata said.

Although he didn’t violate any state or federal laws, police referred the matter to the Marin County District Attorney’s Office for review, Pata told the station.

Clip via KPIC-5 News

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