Judge gives man who robbed bank to escape being at home with wife worst possible sentence!

Back in September, when BPR covered the story of Lawrence John Ripple’s “attempt” to get out of an argument with his wife by handing a note to a bank teller demanding cash and claiming he had a gun, this writer called it “ONE foolproof way to get out of an argument with the missus.”

Except, the judge appears to have quite the sense of humor, and irony.

Or maybe he just felt sorry for a guy who once told his wife he’d “rather be in jail than at home.”

Ripple had supposedly hoped to get prison confinement to escape his marital bliss. When the case came to trial what he got instead was 6 months of confinement all right…

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HOME confinement.

The Kansas City Star reports that Ripple took a guilty plea in January. At his sentencing Tuesday, he told the judge that a recent heart surgery had left him depressed when he committed the crime.

In other words, nagging supposedly had nothing to do with it.

His public defender cited his “stable relationship” with his wife and four step-children and no prior convictions as evidence for leniency.

There’s also the fact that, in one of weirdest crimes in recent memory, Ripple took the cash – $2,924,” sat down in the lobby, and promptly told a guard that he was the “guy he was looking for.”

Perhaps the judge should have ordered a few rounds of marital counseling to go along with the home confinement. Otherwise, the local banks had better watch out!

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