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Conservatives are furious at Megyn Kelly for smearing them in shameful Alex Jones teaser

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Megyn Kelly interviewed noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and used the occasion to insult conservatives.

The former Fox News host, who now peddles her brand of liberalism on NBC News, spoke to the 9/11 and Sandy Hook “truther” and tweeted a preview of next Sunday’s interview.

Conservatives were outraged at Kelly’s labeling of the man, who believes parents of Sandy Hook children faked their deaths as part of some grand conspiracy, as one of them.

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In the preview of next Sunday’s interview, Jones dodges Kelly’s questions about his Sandy Hook conspiracy theory and continues his fringe theory that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

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But his wackiest comment came at the end when Jones declared that the government started creating animal/human hybrids 30 years ago.

What about that insanity makes him a conservative?

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