Chelsea Clinton invokes a past president to spew gibberish about NYC Trump assassination play

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is whining that corporate sponsors are withdrawing their support for a play depicting President Trump’s assassination by a group of women and minorities.

Her thinking was apparently in line with that of The New York Times.

Would she have felt the same had it depicted her father’s assassination by his sexual victims 20 years earlier?

New York City’s “Shakespeare in the Park” lost two major corporate donors — Delta Airlines and Bank of America — because of public outcry over its production of “Julius Caesar.”

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Why would they do this, given that the William Shakespeare classic was performed for the nation’s first president, she wondered.

That may be, but it’s doubtful that the players depicted a tall, bewigged president with bad dentures being murdered by a gang of disgruntled Hessians.

Social media was only too happy to point out what should have been obvious.

But leaving 1790 behind for a moment, what about the years 1993 to 2001? Do they strike a familiar chord?

Clinton also made reference to a statement made by writer Jack Smith IV, who thought it “embarrassing” that the sponsors would back out, given that they “fund these productions so that lower/working class people have free access to summer Shakespeare plays.”

One finally concluded:

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