Chilling! Bernie Sanders openly disqualifies nominee from serving because of his Christian beliefs

Sanders apparently bre his oath of office.

Trump gave the FBI new life after removing Comey, now it’s time to do the same at the IRS

“Mr. President, you removed James Comey and we now have a fresh start at the FBI. Do the same at the IRS,” he says.

SG O'Reilly
Bill O’Reilly says he’ll soon drop ‘stunning’ information as he fights back against his attackers

“This was no accident our sponsors were attacked.”

SG Tribe
CNN guest blurts out crude remark about oral sex while talking Trump perjury

…nothing fair or balanced about this:

SG Rivera
Geraldo warns Trump of a trap: ‘There’s only one danger the president now faces’

“… that’s his only vulnerability now.”

NY City play depicts brutal assassination of President Trump; taxpayers and corporate sponsors react

“It can be very inspirational to people who are teetering on the edge of a serious psychological problem and serve as inspiration.”

SG Antifa2b
Antifa girly-man sucker punches videographer, is quickly introduced to the term ‘ground and pound’

And that’s when the little sweetheart snapped, throwing an ill-advised punch.

SG Jeanine Pirro
‘Are you schizo?’ You haven’t heard it all until you hear Judge Pirro destroy ‘drama queen’ James Comey

“The truth, Jim, you’re a political operative,” she charged. “You always have been. One who is addicted to drama.”

Poland gets it! Watch passionate Polish patriots demonstrate why there’s no terror in their homeland

“NO migrants & NO terror in #Poland”

Students find Trump shirt, quotes blackened out in yearbook in blatant free speech violation

“I hate this kid’s message, but strongly defend his right to say it. He should not be censored.”

Trump tees off on ‘very cowardly’ Comey in Sunday Twitter flurry, questions his leaks … ‘Totally illegal?’

Happy Sunday!

12 Democrat staffers arrested, charged with voter fraud

If convicted, the defendants face a prison term of up to 2 and 1/2 years.