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NRA host crushes ‘elitist’ Kim Kardashian over anti-gun letter: ‘My dear, you have several mental illnesses’

Image: Instagram

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Colion Noir, a host for NRA TV, teed off on reality star Kim Kardashian and her anti-Second Amendment rant.

Last week, Kardashian railed against, what she deemed to be, America’s lack of ” progress in enacting laws that would help protect innocent Americans from people who should not have access to firearms.”

She complained that President Donald Trump “actually signed a bill revoking a regulation recommended by President [Barack] Obama that would have added 75,000 names of people with registered mental illnesses to a national background check database.”

Kardashian referenced the incident in which she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, a nation with some of the toughest gun laws in the world, as a reason for having more gun laws. The kind that didn’t help her when she got robbed.

But she also mentioned, “how important it is to be safe and to have armed security.” But unless Kardashian wants to pay for everyone to have the armed security she has, her Paris incident should have made it clear to her why the Second Amendment is important.

Noir took aim at the self-absorbed Hollywood star in a video response to her.

“In her unquenchable lust for attention, Kim Kardashian led the charge for Everytown [for Gun Safety] by releasing an open letter begging for more gun control,” he said of the reality star. “Kim, I don’t have a problem with you having an opinion on guns. It’s a free country. If you want to fetishize gun violence awareness by posting a half-naked video of yourself in an orange sweatshirt, more power to you, boo boo. … But I have to call you out on this disgustingly elitist, narcissistic, misleading, flaming hot cheeto garbage of an open letter you wrote. I have to admit, you’re the best spokesperson for this issue because you have a massive audience of mindless, superficial drones at your beck and call. But you’re also the worst spokesperson because your knowledge on the issue doesn’t go beyond “like, guns are bad, OK?”

Image: Instagram displaying her narcissistic side

“Kim, let’s be real,” he said. “You have a book of selfies. You are the epitome of a narcissist, which, last I checked, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness. Not to mention your self-admitted dealings with anxiety and the PTSD you suffered from being robbed at gunpoint.”

Image: Instagram in one of her many self-absorbed selfies

“My dear, you have several mental illnesses,” Noir added. “So should we make your name number 75,001 of people who should not be allowed to own guns? Then again, you are an elitist of the highest order, so I’m sure you’d consider yourself an exception.”

Noir deleted the video but a copy was saved by far left website Media Matters For America.

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