‘He’s not OK.’ Tucker takes sympathetic turn for ‘unstable’ rival, blasts MSNBC for exploiting him

Screenshot of Tucker Carlson and Kurt Eichenwald

“Asking the Left to have mercy is a futile pursuit.”

It came out Thursday while Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald was engaged in a Twitter rant directed toward Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, that social media called him out for his apparent fondness for Internet anime porn.

Rather than finding satisfaction in Karma’s latest act on his behalf, Carlson offered sympathy and understanding.

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The Fox News host laid out the story’s chronology, beginning with Eichenwald’s appearance on his show months earlier — which led to his association with MSNBC — up to the events earlier that day when the writer was outed as an aficionado of Japanese cartoon porn.

Eichenwald offered as an odd explanation that he was attempting to show his wife and child that “tentacle porn” existed on the Internet.

“For real, this is a troubled man,” Carlson said of his nemesis. “It doesn’t help Kurt Eichenwald to pretend he is okay. He is not okay. He should not be on Twitter, he needs help.”

If Carlson had any criticism at all, it was directed at Eichenwald’s employers — Newsweek and MSNBC where the writer serves as a contributor. Both used the incident to exploit the writer, according to Carlson.

“Newsweek gets clicks, MSNBC gets viewers,” Carlson said. “It’s awful. They’re exploiting him. It’s cruel. So these supposedly news organizations, a plea, for real: Stop Kurt Eichenwald before he tweets again. He will thank you later for that if you do.”

Oddly, many on social media found a reason to go after Carlson for exhibiting sympathy — as well as Eichenwald for his Internet interests.

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All of which prompted this response.


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