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Ex-gov Jesse Ventura banished to Russian TV. Maybe, suing an American hero wasn’t such a good idea?

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The former governor of Minnesota is now working for Russia. No, really.

Former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura claims he has been unable to find work in the U.S. and will now work for Russian TV with a new commentary show, according to Fox News.

“I can’t get a job in the U.S. No one will touch me,” Ventura said. “My United States union throws me in the dirt and who comes to the rescue? Russia.”

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The 65-year-old found himself in an employment-Siberia of sorts following his lawsuit against his fellow Navy SEAL and “American Sniper” author, Chris Kyle.

The highly-publicized case against Kyle’s estate alleged the veteran, who was killed in 2013, defamed Ventura. The 2014 jury award of $1.8 million was overturned by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2016.

And with not enough entertainment work, Ventura was left last year without health insurance with the Screen Actors Guild union.

But now, he has health insurance and a new show on RT America, part of the Russian government-funded RT network. He also has been personally assured by Russian President Vladimir Putin that “The World According to Jesse” won’t be censored.

Ventura is no stranger to television with former hosting gigs on TruTV’s “Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,” MSNBC’s  “Jessie Ventura’s America”, or Ora TV’s “Off The Grid”  as well as appearing as a as a regular guest on Alex Jones’ “InfoWars.”

“It’ll be my viewpoint on what’s happening around the world,” Ventura said of his new show, which will be filmed in Minnesota. “I want to do it. But, in some ways I was forced to do it.”

Ventura, who served as Minnesota’s governor from 1999 to 2003 as a member of the Reform Party, signed a contract for the series last fall for 32 episodes, undoubtedly glad to have gotten work since the Kyle lawsuit. His continued pursuit of the case after Kyle’s death, which was then aimed at the SEAL’s widow, earned Ventura plenty of scathing backlash.

According to RT, the show will “tackle both the current news agenda and deeper issues such as government hypocrisy and corporate deception, with Jesse’s distinctive take on stories sidelined by the mainstream media.”

“I am working for the enemy of mainstream media now,” Ventura said, according to the Star Tribune.

“I have total artistic control and I can talk about anything I want. We’re more interested in talking about our country. I didn’t join RT to report on Russia,” he said.

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“I am avoiding our national media,” Ventura added. “I am going international.”

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