Maine high school becomes first in U.S. to provide hijabs just for sports

“If there’s something that we can do to make our teammates feel more comfortable…”

A flattering letter from Hillary Clinton just showed up in the darndest place

“OK, my mom has been sitting on this for a month.”

Newly-minted U.S. Marine turned away from high school graduation ceremony for wearing his uniform

“This tradition is not intended to be disrespectful…”

Reza Aslan ‘very disappointed’ when he gets wind he’s CUT from CNN after vulgar anti-Trump rant

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

UK Labour party urged Muslim voters to ‘play the system’ in election

“For those of you who do not believe in voting, how are you going to change the system …”

‘Go the f**k home’: Top Dem jumps on potty mouth bandwagon in big way at NYU forum

She was talking about President Donald Trump so that made it OK.

Watch CNN legal analyst go on about Trump ‘criminal investigation’ as if Comey hearing never happened

Even Anderson Cooper is giving him “that” look.

Texting woman falls through open door in middle of sidewalk, it leaves a mark – and a cautionary tale

DON’T do this.

Saudi Arabian soccer team, and fans, blasted for refusing to honor victims of London attacks

One, lone player stood still for the tribute.

Someone on the Hill added Trump’s name to Wikipedia’s ‘obstruction of justice’ page

In a now deleted tweet Federalist writer ….

AP Hillary Clinton
Hillary feeds college grads red meat: Caution, because white supremacy is on the rise

“Losing an election is pretty devastating especially considering who I lost to.”

James Comey’s testimony puts these 6 media outlets in the hotseat

The New York Times even refutes its own headline…

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