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Tucker’s nemesis tweets ‘revenge,’ but it backfires bigtime when folks notice disturbing tab on screenshot

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Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald was thrust into the national limelight back in December when he got into a “nutty” exchange with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over his bias toward President Donald Trump and he’s clearly holding a grudge since then.

…but did his blind rage toward Carlson force a critical self-imposed error?

Eichenwald went on a rambling one-sided Twitter rant Wednesday after noting that he saw Carlson mentioned him on his show the night before.

In a series of tweets, he ripped into Carlson, stressing how nobody watches his show — 2.7 million people notwithstanding. At one point, Eichenwald tweeted a photo of an anti-Semitic flyer he had received, implying that Carlson’s supporters were behind it.

Anti-Trump celebration at D.C. bar comes to screeching halt, pics of the glum scene are priceless!

(For the record, Eichenwald in not Jewish.)

But, in response to another Twitter user, he included a similar photo that appeared to show a number of tabs open on his computer in the background.

Keen-eyed social media users where quick to notice — assuming the image had not been photoshopped — that one of the tabs read “B-Chiku,” which is related to hentai, a sexually explicit form of anime.

Needless to say, the internet melted down, with Eichenwald’s soon trending… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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