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‘Political retribution’? Conservatives fire back as ‘Comey Day’ lights up Twitter

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The highly anticipated Comey testimony started off with a bang.

Right out of the gates former FBI Director James Comey fired shots at his old boss, President Donald Trump, saying he was confused over his firing.


But, there are two sides to every story, and a Twitter battle was soon in the works:

Peter King makes Comey hearing prediction: Trump’s going to have half of D.C. drunk before noon



But after some jabs, many on Twitter believed what they had long suspected… the whole hoopla over Trump’s alleged “obstruction” will turn out to be much ado about nothing.


#ComeyDay trended on Twitter and highlights were picked up, like the following exchange where Comey reaffirms Trump did not ask him to halt the investigating into supposed Russian meddling.



Comey wasn’t willing to let Trump completely off the hook and left a cloud of suspicion that Ann Coulter didn’t appreciate:

Marco Rubio ‘lays down the BOOM’ with killer line of questioning for Comey

And then entered Marco Rubio:

This story is still developing.


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