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Lindsey Graham destroys Democrat hopes of Trump ‘obstruction’ charges with the ‘best evidence yet’

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Talk about taking the wind out of the Trump-hater sails before their boat has even left port.

That’s right, even before former FBI Director James Comey appears before the Senate on Thursday, his prepared testimony shows nothing contrary to what President Trump has consistently maintained.

Even one of his most consistent Republican critics, Senator Lindsey Graham, went so far as to call the news a “good day” for President Trump. Appearing with Martha MacCallum on “The Story” Wednesday evening, the South Carolina Senator weighed Comey’s statements against the “obstruction of justice” wishes of Democrats, and found the latter severely lacking based on the evidence.

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Citing his experience as a prosecutor, attorney, and military judge, Graham said that the fact that Comey’s testimony was cleared by Robert Mueller means “in the mind of special council Mueller that there is no obstruction of justice case to be made, because if he felt like he had a case he wouldn’t let Comey, who is his chief and only witness, go out in public and get beat up.”

“So this is the best evidence yet that in the mind of the special council there is no obstruction of justice to be made case against President Trump,” the senator continued, “because he allowed Comey to testify in public and issue a statement and no prosecutor would ever do that if there was a real case here.”

Graham’s also cited as a second piece of evidence the fact that Comey has made it clear that President Trump “is not a target or the subject of a criminal investigation.”

“All in all it’s a pretty good day for President Trump,” Graham said.

MacCallum described Graham’s observations as “fascinating.”

Graham thinks the president “is frustrated because he knows he didn’t do anything.”

“The president has a hard time colluding with his staff, so I don’t think he colluded with the Russians,” Graham “halfway” joked.

“Just give this thing the time you need, Mr. President, stop tweeting, there’s a system that’s gonna work,” Graham told the president via MacCallum’s show. “I think this is a good day for you.”

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Finally, Graham raised the possibility of finally going on the offensive here when it comes to much-needed investigations:

“Did the department of justice and the DNC collude to stop the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Watch for that one to come up!”

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