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Lifeguard confirms viral water park stunt took 2 years of practice; it’s real and it’s awesome

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A viral video of a Jamaican lifeguard seemingly gliding across the water is authentic according to the man who accomplished the feat.

The video showed Rolando Johnson, 21, coming down a waterslide and then flying across the top of the water in the pool at the Pirates Island Waterpark.

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Johnson said he practiced the move for two years before he perfected it and he can prove the video is legitimate.

He said all that has to be done is to get a big push at the start of the slide to gain maximum velocity and then to cross your legs and sit up right before coming off of the slide, TMZ reported.

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Johnson crushed the rumors that the video was fake and said that many of his coworkers can also do the trick.

He said that the lifeguards have become an attraction at the pool with tourists coming to see them perform the astounding feat.

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