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‘Hangry’ blond jumps over McDonald’s counter starts nasty hair-pulling brawl over McChicken sandwich

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A woman in the drive-thru of a Des Moines McDonald’s captured on video an intense brawl between a “hangry” customer and a restaurant manager over the weekend.

The fight began when a blond customer grew impatient over waiting for a McChicken sandwich, according to CBS affiliate KCCI. Local resident Amanda Gravely was in the drive-thru getting ice cream for her children when the donnybrook broke out and she grabbed her cellphone and started recording.

When the manager handed the woman her food, her anger overtook her hunger as she threw it back at the woman and Katy, bar the door, because it was on.


“I took out my camera and recorded her just to see how far it would go just in case and it just escalated really quickly,” Gravely said.

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The customer, who witnesses say was intoxicated, climbed over the counter and goes after the female manager, who was initially hesitant to defend herself, but she quickly shook that feeling and the two went at it as other employees tried to intervene.


One of the two men with the customer can be heard coaching the woman as the fight rages on.

“Grab her hair!” he is heard saying, in reference to the manager.


The woman and her two companions left the restaurant before police arrived, so there were no arrests.

Watch the full encounter below, courtesy of KCCI:

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