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‘Everything’s feelings now instead of law!’ Former Dems on why they support Trump

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Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth sat down with two former Connecticut Democrats in a diner located in a county that went for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, the first time since George H.W. Bush that a Republican carried the county.

The two union workers shared their thoughts about how Trump is doing, to include his renewed call for a travel ban in the wake of the London Bridge terrorist attack that killed seven people and wounded 48 others.

Bill, a carpenter, said he’s “glad President Trump is watching out for us like he should be.”

“This travel ban thing never should have been stopped by any of the courts cause he has the constitutional right to do that,” he added, insisting the courts should not have based their decision on what Trump said on the campaign trail.

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“You have to follow law,” Bill said. “You can’t use feelings, and that’s the problem with this country. Everything’s feelings now instead of law!”

Fellow diner Lenny, who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, said Trump “has our best interests at heart” and he wants to “get the country back on track.”

Lenny said, much like Ronald Reagan, he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, it left him when it took a hard left turn after the election of Obama.

“The left fringe of the Democratic Party has driven them too far off the mainstream road and that’s why the country is going in the wrong direction,” he said.

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