Wannabe terrorism expert Bette Midler left looking extra dumb after facts of London attacks are revealed

Singer Bette Midler has found herself in the familiar position of having egg on her face.

Midler is no stranger to using social media to make herself look ridiculous.

There was the time she demanded 20 criminal Black Panthers be pardoned because she watched a documentary, the time she trivialized the Holocaust, the time she attacked Kim Kardashian over nudity and the time she made an idiot out of herself by attempting to fact check President Donald Trump over crime in Chicago.

But the crown jewel of her insanity came after the terror attack in London last week when she declared that religion and men were responsible.

Midler was joined in her assertion by comedian Sofie Hagen who agreed all terrorists are men.

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But, as CBS News reported, seven of the 12 people arrested in connection with the London attacks are women.

38-year-old woman arrested at address 1 in Barking.
49-year-old woman arrested at address 2 in Barking.
60-year-old woman arrested at address 2 in Barking.
19-year-old woman arrested at address 2 in Barking.
27-year-old female arrested at address 2 in Barking.
24-year-old female arrested at address 2 in Barking.
53-year-old woman arrested at address 2 in Barking.

Kind of puts a monkey wrench in that whole men ruin the world narrative.

Social media was kind enough to remind Midler and Hagen of their incorrect assertion.

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