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Hero neighbor shoots knife-wielding man trying to drown his own twin babies

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When the daughter of his 12-year-old neighbor came to his house pleading for help on Friday, Cash Freeman didn’t know what to expect, much less that he would end up being a hero, but he picked up his revolver and went anyway.

Cash Freeman via Facebook
Cash Freeman via Facebook

Arriving at his neighbor’s Ada, Oklahoma house, Freeman found Leland Michael Foster, 27, trying to drown his own three-month-old twins in a bathtub while using a knife to hold their mother at bay, according to KFOR News.

Freeman fired two shots, killing Foster and saving Foster’s babies from a horrible death.

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The mother had already called police, but when they arrived, thanks to Cash Freeman and the Second Amendment to the Constitution, they found a dead perpetrator instead of dead babies and possibly even their mother. Police interviewed Freeman and released him, but the shooting will be investigated further and he will have to go before a district attorney to ensure it was justified.

Freeman told KFOR News that he did what he felt like he needed to do to save the babies, but was concerned he would be in trouble. Neighbor Summer Pierce disagrees, telling KFOR, “I think he did the right thing because who knows what would happen, because who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn’t intervened. They might not have made it.”

The twins were airlifted to an Oklahoma City hospital, treated, and released on Saturday.

The woman told police Foster had threatened to kill her. And turns out, court records show that Foster has had previous criminal charges for domestic abuse by strangulation and arson. When officers responded to a domestic abuse complaint in 2011, they found a bathtub full of water with a gaming system and computer submerged in it and clothes burning on a mattress, according to NewsOK.

Watch the KFOR coverage below:

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