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Can the ACLU and Nancy Pelosi make a case that pulling out of Paris accord is racial injustice?

nancy pelosi and the aclu played the race card in response to trump pulling out of paris agreement climate accord
Nancy Pelosi and other liberals played the race card to slam President Trump for withdrawing from the Paris agreement. (Image: screenshot)

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Liberals use the race card to oppose everything President Trump does, even if race is irrelevant to the discussion.

That’s what The Blaze host Lawrence Jones said in response to the ACLU‘s claim that Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement is racist. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi recently spouted the same Democratic talking point.

But Jones said the left’s constant race-baiting is getting old and tired. “Americans are, quite frankly, sick of these type of [race-baiting] tactics,” he told Fox News.

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Last week, the ACLU condemned Trump for pulling out of the Paris climate accord, saying the move has a disproportionate impact on blacks and other minorities.

But Lawrence Jones said there’s no evidence to back up those claims.

“Yeah, I did research to see if people in poor neighborhoods or black neighborhoods use different air than other Americans,” he said. “But I think we all breathe the same air.”

The ACLU insists that black people are more likely to live near coal plants and get coal-induced asthma. But Jones quipped: “That’s factually incorrect.”

Meanwhile, many don’t understand why liberals are so gung-ho about the Paris agreement, which experts say will hurt the U.S. economy and do little to stall climate change (which is inevitable and cyclical).

Then, there’s this: Ottmar Georg Edenhofer — one of the world’s leading experts on climate change policy and a former United Nations climate official — has emphatically stated that climate change policy is NOT about the climate, but merely a ruse to redistribute the world’s wealth.

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