‘Macron! Macron!’ Joy Reid wants the French President to rule America, and her sheep are all in

msnbc joy reid wig wants macron to rule united states two countries
Joy Reid wishes socialist Emmanuel Macron could “rule” the United States. (Image: screenshot)

MSNBC commentator Joy Reid is so patriotic she wishes the United States could be “ruled” by French socialist Emmanuel Macron.

The race-baiting clown made the inane remarks while discussing what the flailing Democratic party needs to do to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election.

When former Vermont governor Howard Dean said Democrats must pander to younger minority voters the way Barack Obama did, Reid agreed. Or, Macron could “rule” over both the United States and France, Reid suggested.

“Or we could just get Emmanuel Macron to rule two countries!” Reid gushed.

Democratic pundit Krystal Ball chimed in: “I’m in for that.”

Reid then cheered and pumped her fists so hard her cheap wig almost fell off: “Macron! Macron!”

This isn’t the first time Joy Reid has slammed Trump. In fact, she spends most of her air time criticizing the president while making apologist leftist excuses for the failings of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, Twitter pointed out that Macron — a vocal proponent of Muslim rights — will do nothing to help France combat Islamic terrorism or boost its failing economy.

France has a high unemployment rate (9.6%), and 1 in 4 young people are unemployed. Here’s how one French woman responded to Reid’s lunacy:

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