Ban all vans! Jenna Jameson leads charge against CNN for the way it covered London attack

Leave it to CNN to find the dumbest possible way to report on the terrorist attack in London.

While multiple attacks unfolded on Saturday night the headline on CNN television read “Stabbing Rampage, Van Attack In London.”

As if a rogue van got loose and started attacking people.

There is hardly a doubt that if the terrorists used guns, CNN and other liberals would have been screaming about gun control.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, coming from a network that employs a man who used the terror attacks to call the President of the United States a “piece of sh*t” and “an embarrassment to humankind.”

President Donald Trump put it in perspective on Sunday when he noted that “we are not having a gun debate right now” because it didn’t fit the liberal narrative.

But neither does saying “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Which is why CNN, and other mainstream media outlets, put the blame on a van.

And why social media, led by adult film star Jenna Jameson, smashed them for it.

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Carmine Sabia


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