Moms behaving badly! Hair-pulling, fist-swinging brawl erupts in front of teens’ at school

School officials were saddened over the display, which happened on the final day of the school year, according to a district spokesperson.

‘Fox & Friends’ forced to clarify network’s position on internment camps

“Earlier on the show, we had a couple of guests mention the word internment …”

John Kerry uses O.J. Simpson to slam President Trump

Why would we expect anything better from Kerry? Former Secretary of State John Kerry joined the chorus of naysayers blasting President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the […]

Three British bigs say drastic measures are needed now: ‘We do need internment camps’

“Internment should be expanded to more than just the suspected terrorists,” he said. “It should also include all those who support and encourage them.”

Trump-NBC screenshot
Unprecedented disrespect: NBC censors Trump tweet on London incident that mentions ‘terror attack’

…treating the commander in chief as little more than an “unconfirmed” source.

One-two punch knocks guy out after he allegedly grabbed girl’s butt on Las Vegas strip

Responses to the alleged assault on social media varied.

Nashville gas station offers 50k reward for Kathy Griffin’s head … but is it legal or wise?

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. Both are in poor taste.”

joy reid wig wants Emmanuel Macron to rule two countries over Trump
‘Macron! Macron!’ Joy Reid wants the French President to rule America, and her sheep are all in

MSNBC commentator Joy Reid is so patriotic she wishes the United States could be “ruled” by French socialist Emmanuel Macron. The race-baiting clown made the inane remarks while […]

CNN host who ate human brain attacks Trump as ‘a piece of sh*t … an embarrassment to humankind’

“The little beast Reza Aslan is a scholar of what, exactly?”

Ban all vans! Jenna Jameson leads charge against CNN for the way it covered London attack

“I’ve never seen a van attack anyone before…must be like guns.”

London screenshot
‘Run, Hide, Tell.’ British police have 3-step terrorist plan; upstart Americans offer their own 3 steps


waters screenshot
Erratic Maxine Waters physically pushes off reporter following dizzying finger-wag; here’s what set her off …

“Look, you and I have a different agenda, young man,”