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SHAME on whoever lit World Trade Center’s sacred ground green after Paris Accord pullout

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino torched the “goofball” who decided to light the World Trade Center green on Friday after President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

“That’s sacred ground. That’s bloodstained ground stained with the blood of American patriots who died in a war by terrorists on the very soul of this country, and you’re gonna use it like a cheap political commercial?” he told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Saturday.

“I want to know who the goofball is who thought that was a good idea,” he said. “That is sacred ground. It’s not a 30-second campaign ad. You don’t go up there and post a sign or color it to stand with the international community. You stand with the United States. The United States was attacked on that day.”

Host Clayton Morris postulated that it might by “climate warrior” Mayor Bill de Blasio that ordered it.

“Next he’ll have it colored red for the communist flag,” Bongino said.

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Many on social media agreed.

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