Raunchy drag queen performance horrifies audience … at elementary school talent show!

“I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out,”

‘The View’ gets roasted by ‘The Five’ for comparing Christians against birth control to the Taliban

“so irresponsible.”

sims screenshot
Tulsa woman gets stiff 16 years for mutilating corpse of estranged husband’s lover before funeral viewing

Sims had pretended to be a funeral home employee so that she would get access to the body …

Newsweek attempts to slam Trump for fake Twitter followers, not nearly smart enough to pull it off

“Amazing how you Libs keep falling into your own traps.”

Squirrels! Camera catches culprits stealing a dozen flags from vet’s front lawn to make patriotic nest

Patriotic squirrel?? GTF outta here

armed customers
Unlucky thief picks a store where EVERYBODY else was armed; here’s footage of his big mistake

“… and the only target was him.”

rosenberg screenshot
‘Angel Dad’ ad pleads with Trump to withhold funds from sanctuary cities

Rosenberg is a self-described “lifelong, very liberal Democrat” who left the party.

Lindsey Graham has ‘reason to believe’ Obama admin tried to unmask his conversation

I’ve been told that by people in the intelligence community.”

SHAME on whoever lit World Trade Center’s sacred ground green after Paris Accord pullout

“Next he’ll have it colored red for the communist flag,” Bongino said.

Anti-Trump rioters didn’t expect to face decades in prison for inauguration day riots

Turns out, the 212 anti-fascist and Black-Bloc anarchist protesters arrested for felony rioting during President Trump’s inauguration could face a lot more than the 10 years in prison and $25,000 fine they were originally facing.

‘Oh, screw this’: Conservatives come swinging when Sasse gets blamed for Bill Maher’s N-word

…and the man sitting opposite a liberal who spouts the N-word is the real culprit.

History professor op-ed: Ariana Grande understands counterterrorism better than Jim Mattis

By Nick Givas, DCNF  At least one national media contributor thinks professional singer Ariana Grande, not Secretary of Defense (DOD) Jim Mattis, is the leader America needs […]