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Cavuto LOVES what Trump did to ‘grumbling European phonies’: ‘I’m going to bitch right in front of your face’

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Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto leveled a scathing assessment of “” at the NATO headquarters where President Trump addressed America’s allies.

“Don’t worry about those that snicker behind your back, worry more about what else they’re doing behind your back,” Cavuto began in his “Common Sense” monologue on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Tuesday.

At least Trump “told them what he thought about them to their face,” Cavuto noted, criticizing several of the NATO members in attendance at the president’s address in Brussels last week who were caught on tape snickering at his remarks.

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The “smirk seen round the world” was the only way Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Belgium’s Charles Michel and France’s Emmanuel Macron could react after Trump’s “unprecedented” calling out of the “deadbeat” members who refuse to pay their fair share to keep up NATO defenses, Cavuto explained.

“They laughed and they snickered and they made the guy whose country is picking up the slack seem like the fool,” Cavuto said. “Only he wasn’t. They were…looking like the blatant phony hypocrites they were.”

Trump stated publicly what his predecessors failed to do privately, Cavuto noted, slamming Macron for his posturing with an “intense handshake” that was a sort of a “macho battle for one-upmanship.”

“Are you kidding me? Just picture if Winston Churchill had done something like that with Adolf Hitler,” Cavuto said.

Trump’s “biggest sin” was confronting the NATO members and “saying out loud what other U.S. presidents have quietly implored behind closed doors,” he added.

“He dared to say enough. Enough with hearing you bitch behind our backs, I’m going to bitch right in front of your face,” Cavuto said, blasting the critics who called Trump’s behavior rude and “boorish” but failed to say the same about Macron’s “macho statement in a ridiculous handshake.”

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“The sin isn’t that Donald Trump was the bull in this European shop,” Cavuto concluded. “The sin, my friends, is the bull that for too long we have tolerated from this European shop.”

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