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Temper, temper! Angry chef faces possible deportation for yanking waitress by ponytail over burnt food

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Jiguang Yang, Source: Richland County Sheriff’s Department via WIST  Yang, 68, a chef at a popular South Carolina Asian restaurant, found himself the possible subject of a deportation order after his arrest for pulling the hair of a server on April 19.

When waitress Cristina Surina informed chef Jiguang Yang that a serving of chicken nuggets was burnt, instead of correcting the order Yang grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to the floor.

“The food was burnt, it was a kids meal,” Surina said, according to WISTV. “I didn’t feel like I should take out a child burnt chicken nuggets and fried shrimp. I asked the owner. He was in the kitchen at that time to remake it.”

Yang is the father of the Red Bowl Asian Bistro’s owner.

“After that, everything come down,” Surina continued. “I turned around to start pouring ketchup for the kids’ meal and when I was pouring ketchup, his dad came behind me and snatched my head down and I don’t know what happened after that.”

Making the situation worse, instead of disciplining Yang, the server said she was fired over the incident after being employed at the Red Bowl for nearly five years.

Yang was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree assault and battery — but that may be just the beginning of his problems.

Yang is Chinese and his U.S. citizenship is questionable, according to his lawyer, Victor Li.

“This is a very serious charge,” Li acknowledged. “We know that. What makes this worse is there is a lot at stake. His family has done very well in the community. We are very worried about deportation with the political climate.”

He should have probably thought of that before he pulled Surina’s hair.

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wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina

Clip via WISTV


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