Priorities: Trump trip was wildly successful, so White House gets blasted over a photo

The trip was an unqualified success, so the left had to dig deep to find something to criticize — and they found it in a photograph.

The Donald Trump administration got blasted for omitting the name of Luxembourg’s first gentleman in a group photo of the spouses of the leaders of NATO member nations that was taken and posted to the White House Facebook page.

Nick Jackman’s response was typical: “The omission of the First Gentleman of Luxembourg name is blatantly disrespectful and just goes to show the level of idiocy of this White House staff.”

Becca Y. Krecek observed that the name omitted was that of Luxembourg’s first gay “first gentleman,” or as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin referred to her husband, the “first dude.”

“Wow. No mention of the Luxembourg spouse? He still exists even if you try to ignore the fact he is a homosexual you dimwit,” she posted.

The name not included was Gauthier Destenay, the spouse of Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Not content to limit the outrage to Facebook, a screenshot of the original photo and caption was posted to Twitter — where the battle continued.

And the rage continued.

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“A slow, deliberate genocide”? Aren’t we being a bit melodramatic here? And other slights were observed and added to the mix.

The Facebook caption has since been updated to include Destenay’s name.


As a result of the president’s whirlwind overseas trip, dozens of Muslim nations partnered with the United States against the rogue state Iran, relations with Israel were strengthened, the Vatican and President Trump resolved their differences and NATO member nations received a strong reminder of their financial obligations to the alliance.

And they’re concerned about the caption on a photograph?


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