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Mom’s relatable rant about end-of-school-year ‘half days’ goes viral

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Susannah B. Lewis, a stay-at-home mom of two, shared a video rant last week about half days at the end of the school year that is resonating with moms across America.

Seen more than 4 million times on Facebook, the video shows Lewis unloading about getting up at the “butt crack of dawn” as she sits in her vehicle — likely while waiting in a long line to pick up her children a few hours later.

“What’s the point of the end-of-the-year half day?” Lewis asked in a distinctly Southern accent. “That just means I ‘half’ to get up at 6:30, drag these kids out of bed, send them to school for three hours to get hyped up on sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Pixie Stix and doughnuts and cupcakes, and then I ‘half’ to go get them before the sugar high has even worn off.”

The blogger mom complained that the kids don’t have a chance to “nap it off.”

“They get into the car like dope fiends, like crazy nuts, hyped up on sugar for three and a half hours,” Lewis said. “What’s the point of half days? This ain’t Mother’s Day Out.”

Watch the rest of the hilarious rant in the video below:

In a follow-up to her viral rant, Lewis shared a photo of her son the next day, along with the caption: “In regard to yesterday’s half-day video– my son’s teacher just sent me this. Not the little Pixie Stix. But the big ones. See you in an hour, boy.”

Tom Tillison


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