Beach teens led off in cuffs after trying to wrestle 300 lb stingray from Fla fisherman

The catch may have been legal, but the rage from local teens nearly led to fisticuffs.

Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue officers had to be called in when local beachgoers protested a Daytona Beach-area fisherman as he wrangled in a 300-pound stingray.

Clip via Fox 13

Capt. Mike Berard reported that although the altercation didn’t result in any arrests, several of the teens had to be led off the scene in handcuffs.

“It started to get ugly,” Berard said, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

He said that the disagreement may have been rooted in a misunderstanding as to legal versus illegal Florida catches. Stingrays are legal, whereas manta rays are not.

“The fisherman had the right to catch it,” Berard said. “The crowd believed it was a manta ray, which is a protected species. A crowd started to build. Our guys went down there to disperse the crowd, some kids got verbal with the fisherman. There was some verbal exchanges and some taunting, but there was no arrest made.”

The News-Journal reported:

Stingrays, which can weigh more than 790 pounds, can be eaten, but are not a dietary staple and are not considered a high-quality food, according to the New World Encylopedia.

However, the website, said they taste similar to scallops and aren’t difficult to clean. They also have other uses, as the skin can be used as leather to make shoes, boots, belts, wallets, jackets, and cellphone cases, according to the New World Encyclopedia.

Ancient Greek dentists used the venom from the stingray’s spine as an anesthetic, according to National Geographic.


Beachgoer Teresa Taylor Young captured a video of the fracas and posted it to the Free Daytona Beach Facebook page.

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