Lib professor falsely accused of being racist by his own student lynch mob finds refuge on Fox News

Evergreen State College professor bret weinstein on tucker carlson anti white protest campus craziness
Leftists are trying to get liberal professor Bret Weinstein fired because he spoke out against an anti-white protest on campus. (Image: screenshot)

Leftists have gotten so out of control they’re now targeting other liberals in hate campaigns. Just ask Professor Bret Weinstein.

Weinstein, a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, has been physically threatened, bullied and doxxed after speaking out against an anti-white event on campus.

The brouhaha erupted last week after an angry student mob chased Weinstein off campus for objecting to a day without white people. Basically, black student activists ordered all white students to leave campus for one day. Or else.

Student anarchists at Evergreen State demand their anti-white bullying video be removed

That’s ridiculous when you consider that Evergreen State College is majority-white (that means white students are paying most of the bills that keep the school in operation). Here is its ethnic breakdown according to its website:

  • 65.2% White
  • 7.8% Hispanic
  • 5.5% Black
  • 2.2% Native American or Alaskan
  • 2.1% Asian

When Weinstein sent a benign email to the anti-white event organizer, Rashida Love, pointing out that such a demand was “an act of oppression,” angry leftist students physically threatened him and demanded that he be fired.

The student mob has since taken the entire campus hostage, including the college president’s office. The college president told local police to “stand down” amid concerns that black students might complain about police brutality.

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Professor Weinstein told Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson he’s shocked by the absurd reaction, especially since everyone knows he himself is extremely liberal.

“My gosh! This is like something out of another country!” Carlson said. “It’s hard to believe any of this is real.”

A weary Weinstein replied: “I’m a deeply progressive person. I’m troubled by what this implies about the current state of the Left. They are absolutely trying to get me fired.”

Many on Twitter were astounded by the lynch-mob mentality of leftists threatening, bullying and harassing Professor Weinstein.

Musician Sean Lennon, the liberal son of Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono, tweeted his disbelief at the bizarre turn of events.

Bret Weinstein’s brother, economist Eric Weinstein, was flabbergasted that his leftist brother is the target of a witch hunt by crazed moonbats.

One man pointed out how ironic it was that Bret Weinstein sought refuge on Fox News, when his free-speech rights should be championed by liberal networks like CNN or MSNBC.

Samantha Chang


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