Unfortunate for ‘body-slammed’ reporter tweet about ‘urge to punch’ a conservative journo resurfaced

The left-wing Guardian reporter who was allegedly body-slammed by a congressional candidate on the eve of his election harbored a burning desire three years ago… He wanted to punch the lights out of a 19-year-old kid.

While covering CPAC-2014, journalist Ben Jacobs indicated that he and other journalists in attendance had “the overwhelming urge to punch Benji Backer,” a young, Wisconsin-based conservative blogger who spoke at the event that year.

He reported from CPAC:

Although it received little notice at the time, his desire acquired added significance after the Wednesday night “body-slamming” he received from then-candidate, now Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte, a Montana Republican.

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As as result, the reporter found himself the butt of jokes — as well he should.

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… or not.

It turned out that Montanans didn’t much give a whit about the altercation, and voted to send Gianforte to Washington. He apologized anyway.

Becker’s still waiting for his from Jacobs. But apart from that, there’s that old “stones” and “glass houses” thing Jacobs should be aware of.

So who is this Becker character who aroused so much “fear and loathing” within Jacobs? Here’s a clip of his CPAC speech as a reminder.

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