Students literally chase ‘intellectual progressive’ prof off campus; shriek he’s racist for urging dialogue

College professors may beginning to reap what they have sown for decades.

And Olympia, Washington’s Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein, was chased off of the campus by students, forcing him to hold his classes in a park.

The students accused Weinstein of being a “racist” because he opposed a “Day of Absence ” protest that asked white students to take the day off of school which, in itself, sounds pretty racist.

Weinstein, who declared that he is a “progressive intellectual” in a pinned tweet on his Twitter page, has been told by police to stay off of campus for the time being because they don’t believe he is safe, KING 5 reported.

“I have been told by the Chief of Police it’s not safe for me to be on campus,” he said.

He also opposes a proposed policy that would have race play a larger role in the hiring process on campus.

“When one opposes these proposals, what happens is one is stigmatized as ‘anti-equity’ and because I am light-skinned the narrative suggests I’m a person who has benefited from privilege and that I’m trying to preserve that privilege in the face of a legitimate challenge,” Weinstein told King 5.

Around 20 of his students attended his class in the park on Thursday and said they do not consider him a racist.

Weinstein an unapologetic liberal, once wrote an article defending Occupy Wall Street and contributed to the progressive website Common Dream.

But the professor’s version of liberalism is more like the classic version that has gone by the wayside, taking free speech and discussing opposing ideas with it.

The “liberals” of today include those who silence peers with opposing opinions while screaming at them they’re racists, facists, or both.

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