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Remember when a Democratic Congressman assaulted a student reporter and Dems defended him?

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If he’s truly guilty of “body-slamming” Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, as is alleged, certainly Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte has more than a little explaining to do. However, the endless media hay made out of the situation is hypocritical to say the least.

Consider June 2010, when seven-term Democratic North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge was stopped on the street by a student reporter and asked if he supported the “Obama agenda.” An angered Etheridge immediately tried to take the student’s cell phone camera, then held onto the reporter’s wrist while demanding to know his identity.

“Who are you! Tell me who you are…I have a right to know who you are!” Etheridge said. A friend who recorded the incident on camera told the congressman that they were “just here for a project,” but that didn’t seem to help. Instead of calming down, Etheridge ignored the student’s pleas to be released and grabbed him by the neck instead.

Watch the footage below:

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Etheridge lost a close election to Congresswoman Renee Ellmers in what became a massive Tea Party sweep, but the key takeaway regarding the situation in Montana is how the media and the Democratic establishment acted then versus now. No Democrats in power were asked about condemning Etheridge’s actions. In fact, quite the contrary.

Consider this snip from Politico’s coverage of the event:

“Motives matter, and I think you can see who was behind this,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse just now. “This was a Republican party tracking operation. If it wasn’t a party tracker or intern, why is the face blurred and why is the source hidden? You know if it had been a right wing blog, they’d identify themselves and they’d be booking this person on TV all day. Republicans know if they admit their involvement in this game of gotcha it will undermine their credibility. One minute this guy is interviewing a member of Congress on camera and the next a video is released with his face blurred out? If that doesn’t tell you this is a Republican Party hatchet job nothing will.” A national Democratic Party official e-mailed around a set of talking points about an hour ago, under the subject heading, “Etheridge Gotcha Video Background.”

Etheridge ended up apologizing, and that was the last we heard of it.

But Gianforte, well, that’s a whole different deal! The Montanan went on to win his election despite a massive media onslaught.

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Just another example of leftist media and Democratic hypocrisy.

H/T Daily Wire

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