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Lights…camera…cough? Hillary gets major frog in throat right before big commencement speech

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Poker players call it a tell — an action, usually unconscious, that tells the other players that you’re about to attempt a deception.

It may be a twitch of an eye, a tug of an ear, or — in Hillary Clinton’s case — an uncontrollable fit of coughing.

And so it began once again when the former secretary of state left the woods near her home to deliver the commencement address at her alma mater Friday.

Some of the graduates, professors and family members at Wellesley sympathized when the bout began, others laughed it off. But those in the know thought to themselves, “Aha! Here it comes — the next Clinton whopper.”

And so it came. She drank a few sips of water, took a lozenge and collected herself.

Then, instead of wishing the graduates success and offering sage advice, she used the venue to go after the person who defeated her last November.

Resistance — and whoppers. And they were all telegraphed by that tell.


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