CNN panel anxiously awaits Hillary’s speech while discussing possible 2020 run

Let it go.

‘Fight for 15’ organizer says he’s not paid to protest, but he does make a handsome six-figure union salary

“Please don’t record me.”

Students literally chase ‘intellectual progressive’ prof off campus; shriek he’s racist for urging dialogue

“The Left eats its own.”

Hillary’s closest allies ‘frustrated’ she’s not rising to power in the ‘Resistance’ movement

They do realize she lost a presidential election – twice. Right?

Hannity strikes back at Morning Joe: ‘Do they hold hands under the desk?’

Not even from vacation is Hannity going to let this one go.

Teacher in hot water for giving 7th grader ‘most likely to become a terrorist’ award

“I was surprised because my daughter has been doing well in the honors program.”

‘Stay safe’: CNN’s dramatic overnight reaction to Montana special election results is priceless

“I feel weird saying this but…”

Fearless 70-year-old man fights ISIS-linked terrorist in ‘hand-to-hand’ combat

Peryong’s neighbors fled, but he stood his ground.

Desperate Dem’s spin machine spits out viral talking point… Montana loss was actually a win

Interesting perspective, indeed.

Lights…camera…cough? Hillary gets major frog in throat right before big commencement speech

“Just a minute, I’ve got to get a lozenge.”

Sore loser Hillary ‘inspires’ grads with dark anti-Trump speech, admits ‘Chardonnay’ helped

It doesn’t seem like it helped.

Unfortunate for ‘body-slammed’ reporter tweet about ‘urge to punch’ a conservative journo resurfaced

Yes, Twitter had a field day with this one.