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Watch Jason Chaffetz worm around question when pressed about joining Fox News

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz is not confirming reports that he might be headed to Fox News after leaving office at the end of June.

He is not denying the reports either.

The Utah Republican sidestepped a direct question from CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” Wednesday.

There’s been a lot of speculation, you’ve seen all the reports that you’re leaving to become, what, a TV pundit?” Blitzer asked Chaffetz near the end of an interview. “Is any of that true?”

“I haven’t felt any compulsion to talk about my post-congressional life,” Chaffetz replied. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to July 1.”

“You’ve seen the reports that you’re heading to Fox News,” Blitzer asked after Chaffetz spoke about loosening his tie and getting “more balance” in his life.

“Any truth to that?” The CNN anchor pressed.

“Again, Wolf, I’m not here to talk about that yet. We’re going to do that at proper time,” was the response from the House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman.

Blitzer then wondered if Chaffetz would be making the same decision if Hillary Clinton was in the White House instead of President Trump.

“I think I would make exactly the same choice,” he replied. “I love the work. I really do. But I love my family more.”

The congressman who launched many controversial investigations into Democrats like Clinton and those under the Obama administration had reportedly been telling colleagues about the Fox News gig.

At the end of the CNN segment Wednesday, Blitzer offered up a bit of a goodbye to the GOP congressman.

“Wherever you go, we wish you only the best,” he said. “And if you head to Fox, we’ll miss you here on CNN.”

Most people believe Chaffetz is heading to Fox, but for whatever reason, he won’t come out and confirm either way.

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