Chris Cuomo embraces ‘superhero’ label as he laments ‘tough time’ for media, then gets huge wake-up call

CNN host Chris Cuomo is feeling the pain endured by the reporter who was allegedly body-slammed by Montana congressional candidate Greg Gianforte.

On the heels of Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs being assaulted, a Cuomo fan took to social media to herald the efforts put forth by his hero, who was recently called “a chained lunatic” by President Donald Trump for his “level of hatred.”


The lofty praise resonated with Cuomo, who responded with an observation of his own, tweeting: “Thx but in truth media populated with a lot of brave people who care about protecting your right to information. This is a tough time.”

Keen observers will note that while Cuomo had the temerity to talk about “protecting your right to information,” the humble CNN host offered not a single “get out of here” or “fuhgettaboutit” in response to the “superhero” label.

The reaction on social media included a rather pointed critique of the Cuomo fanboy.

Not that our superhero was spared any indignation:

But the bulk of the comments seemed to center on the remark about protecting the public’s right to information, given the media’s slumber these past 8 years.

Tom Tillison


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