Laura Ingraham sums up state of American media in one daunting, infuriating and truthful tweet

“Where is the outcry!”

Police arrest ‘antifa’ prof caught on video bashing Trump supporter in face with bike lock


Lawsuit filed against college that had students arrested after passing out pocket Constitutions

Liberal student activist explains student from ‘rural’ areas without ‘Wi-Fi’ wouldn’t understand about the Constitution.

Watch Jason Chaffetz worm around question when pressed about joining Fox News

Just say it!

Did Trump single out a specific NATO leader to ‘shove’? Here’s video the left is crying about now…

“Outta my way!”

News station defends ‘peaceful’ Muslim interview after Manchester attack, but not everyone’s buying it

What do you think… was this an open taunt?

MSM ignores REAL bombshell report on Obama admin privacy abuses; should ‘dwarf all other stories’

Total blackout.

It’s official: Alabama Gov. signs bill protecting Confederate memorials

“[The law] ensures that history is preserved for all generations.”

Trump wins over Krauthammer on Middle East trip: ‘America is back’ and there’ll be ‘consequences’

“… the consequences are gonna be immense.”

bear screenshot
Man armed with only a bow records terrifying moment he’s charged and attacked by a black bear

He’s lucky to live to tell about it!

Spiteful Al Franken uses entire chapter to slam Ted Cruz in new book, but Cruz comes back swinging

Relations between the two senators have been chilly to say the least.

Former CIA director admits Obama knew about Russian meddling, but did nothing to stop it

“What struck me…”

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